Billy Smith Keane


The Songs of Billy Smith Keane have been described as “distinctive” and “fresh” with eye-catching titles and captivating storylines.  Using humor, character and heartfelt emotion, his songs exhibit a true originality that shines through in both style and substance, to reflect a unique perspective of life.
With a catalogue that covers the gamut from Americana to Country, Rock, Folk, Cinematic and Humorous Social Commentary, Billy engages the listener with memorable musicality and his one-of-a-kind, signature lyrics.

Some of the titles include:

The Masquerade Parties wear two different masks, but behind the disguise they’re all RepubliCrats — Washington Political Elitists selling American’s down the river, to feather the nests of greedy Corporations, while satisfying their own addiction to Power.  

My Carpal Tunnel of Love
         1960's psychedelic Rock trip about the roller coaster of
romance and why Love keeps us repeating the same
old dance.

Little Boy Lost
     Written for an independent film, this touching Folk ballad
explores the need to find one's place in this world.

I Thank My Lucky Stars
A Pop/Rock celebration of finding true love.

From Pound Cake to Princess
     A Rockabilly tale of a high school outcast who finally gets sweet revenge at her 10 year reunion.

The Elves Are Gonna Party On Christmas Eve
Those naughty Elves are tearin' it up after Santa leaves for his rounds.
A Rock n'Roll Christmas perennial. 

That Would Be AWESOME!
A Comedy Rap satire of pop culture and the decline of the American lexicon.

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