Church Pew Hangover


A Wild Youth and the bottle collide with a Preacher and his Bible..

Verse One

Back when I was young and dumb,
All I wanted was to have my fun.
Gettin’ drunk and chasin’ girls,
Shootin’ Jack Daniels ‘til I hurled.
Fightin’ with guys - the bigger the better,
Demon liquor gave me a hair-trigger temper.
And them guys twice my size,
Well, they gimme a lot of black eyes.
Came home late one Saturday night,
Passed out on the lawn, I was all outta fight.
Came to on Sunday morning with a terrible fright.
I was sittin’ under a cross,
Where I finally learned who’s Boss.


I had a Church Pew Hangover.
I was blind drunk, but now I see...
Mamma and Daddy on each side of me.
They were both a’scowlin’ and the Preacher he’s a’howlin’,
Aimin’ at yours truly with that B.I.B.L.E.
I felt like hell,
Head ringin’ like a bell.
My stomach was a’churnin’,
As a lesson I was learnin.
When he sent redemption in my direction,
And brought me to my knees.
Mamma’s tears couldn’t shame me,
And Daddy’s belt couldn’t tame me,
It took a Church Pew Hangover to save a wretch like me.

Verse Two

As the congregation praised,
The Good Lord put me in my place.
I was amazingly disgraced,
By my ohhh, so wicked ways.
As the man of God evangelized,
This sinner was gettin’ baptized.
A miracle from the Almighty,
I put my evil days behind me.
God’s voice spoke and I could hear it.
I traded booze for the Holy Spirit.
Infernal damnation for eternal salvation...
I got Born Again,
Somebody give me an Amen!

(Repeat Chorus)


And now it’s a thousand Sundays later, I see another hellraiser like me.
But now I look down at the culprit from where I stand behind the pulpit, you see.
Only half sober and eyes all blood shot,
Between and angry mamma and daddy, like me he was gettin’ taught.
That kid in the church pew,
Gimme a full-on deja vu.

Verse Three

So, I aimed the King James at him,
Young heathen, I said repent!
And the Deity’s work commenced,
On this rebellious malcontent.
He got a double shot of Revelation,
A Divine intoxication.
His hands went up to the sky, and his whole body started shakin’!
And a smile broke out on his face, ‘cause from bondage he was breakin’!
He traded demon liquor for the Saviour, here’s to ya’.
Mamma and Daddy cried, “Glory Hallelujah!


Thank God for that Church Pew Hangover that brought me to my knees.
Thank God for that Church Pew Hangover - I was blind but now I see!
Thank the Lord for that Church Pew Hangover that saved a wretch like me!
That saved a wretch like me!

And everybody said...


©William Smith Keane 2011 All Rights Reserved