If You Only Knew Me
Why’s My Daddy Lookin’ Back at Me

                    In the Mirror
Everywhere I Look There’s a Memory
My Imaginary Friend
Time Traveller
The Wicked Bitch of the West
Kindred Spirit
I Don’t Believe You Anymore
I Wonder If They Argue in Heaven
Poor Man’s Holiday
2 For 1 Coupon

Time To Change Horses
This House is Homesick without you

The Outsider
You Gotta’ Get Off the Highway
          (To Find A Place Called Home)
There Ain’t No Gettin’ Around It
I’m Off the Grid
There’s A New Color In the Crayon Box
Flying Solo
Where the Truth Lies
The Flesh Is Weak
Sweet ’N’ Sour
The Book of a Better Man

I Feel Like I Landed On a Rainbow

In Peggy’s Eyes

In The Pipeline