The Songs


The Masquerade Parties wear two different masks, but behind the disguise they’re all RepubliCrats — Washington Political Elitists, selling American’s down the river, to feather the nests of greedy Corporations, while satisfying their own addiction to Power.  

A touching, Folk ballad about the search for one's place in this world. 
Composed for an independent film.

Cinematic, Rock ballad 
Divine intervention makes an unusual appearance in one's darkest hour.
    "When I'd lost all hope in God's creation, Heaven sent illumination."

A Rockabilly tale of a high school outcast who finally gets sweet revenge at her 10 year reunion.

A Pop/Rock celebration of finding true love.

A Cinematic musical journey of unrequited love and a broken heart .

A humorous, Honky-Tonkin' cautionary tale about the perils of demon liquor.

Country Gospel
If you want to make God chuckle,

just tell Him your plans.

1960's psychedelic trip
about the roller coaster of romance
and why Love keeps
us doing the same old dance.

 Country Gospel about our own shortcomings and God's amazing grace.

 Satirical Country tune about our
tabloid nation and its dumbbell fixation. 

Spagetti Western Rock
"Her bodies pure perfection, it puts the
'love' in lovely.  But from the neck up, the girl
ran out of luck,'cause her mug
puts the 'ug' in ugly."

Country Gospel
A Wild Youth and the bottle
collide with a Preacher and his Bible.

Atmospheric, Alternative Singer-Songwriter
about being careful of judging others,

before looking in the mirror.

Quirky Comedy Rap
Social satire, lampooning pop culture and the decline

of the American lexicon.

Those naughty Elves are tearin' it up after Santa leaves for his rounds.
A Rock n'Roll Christmas perennial.

 Spec TV theme song samples for a Wedding Reality Show.

Little Boy Lost
Sunshine In the Sidewalk
 From Pound Cake To Princess 
 I Thank My Lucky Stars 
 I Cannot Not Love You Anymore 
 I Used To Drinks A'bit 
 The Man With the Master Plan 
 My Carpal Tunnel of Love 
I Failed My Way to Jesus
 Keep It Dumb 
 Ode To Butterface 
 Church Pew Hangover 
 The Weeds In Your Garden 
That Would Be AWESOME!
The Elves Are Gonna Party
On Christmas Eve 
Reality Show Themes

All Songs are available for licensing.